Art History Fantastics A blog by independent scholar Dominic Riemenschneider approaching works of fantasy fiction from the lense of history of art.

Me elsewhere on the web

My codepen You’ll find some of the code I used for this and other websites there. (Nothing fancy.)

Research Tools: Literature A great many amount of articles can be downloaded directly from the profiles of the scholars themselves.

Bruno Latour Homepage Bruno Latour’s article can be found on his own homepage.

Kewl Writing Tools

Style and Diction Tools to anaylse your writing.

Computing stuff

Platinum9.1 theme for Xfce A theme for the Xfce desktop environment to make it look like 1990's classic Mac OS. (I used Mac OS 8 and 9 in my teenage years.)

How to make SVG graphics Basics on what SVG is (Scalable Vector Graphics) and how they work.

Inkscape (drawing program) A FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) that is excellent to make SVG graphics.

Top (system monitor) A little tutorial to beautify the standard unix system monitor 'top'.

Processing multiple PDFs using the command line Some really cool tips for handling pdfs.

Art & Entertainment

Pepper & Carrot A free & open webcomic paid by Patreons. An interesting business model and very nice comic about a witch and her cat.

Khruangbin My favourite band.